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Author Topic: Stuff we missed that perfectly explains the ending  (Read 3316 times)
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« on: July 05, 2012, 12:02:54 AM »

Well I finally got down to writing what actually happened when Big O ended. *Excuses of taking care of family go here* And now I'm back and will tell you guys how the hell we all missed what actually happened.

First off, mind fuck time. The ending we saw was fake, in many ways it was never real nor did it happen. At least not as we saw it. Big O's ending was very much Inception like, and just as much a TV show as what we where watching. But wait that makes no sense! Sure it does, and I'll explain why....

Starting with Act 1. But first an explanation. The Big O is heavy with Symbolism and psychology, to the point that most of it is easily missed if you don't know it's there or your not looking for it. It's there all the same. And so to understand what really went on you have to go all the way back to Act 1.

Symbolism in Act 1 and why it screwed with us;
The generator/ plane engine in the corner. This one is fairly easy to explain, the image of a broken plane engine pops up and is gone in a matter of seconds. What it stood for was Dorothy being a robot.
Roger to Norman "Criminals should behave professionally". Double meaning here, first it seems Roger is talking about Beck, but take a closer look and he is also revealing that at one point Norman may have had a criminal past, and thus how he lost his eye.
Dorothy asking for a protector and then forcing Roger to take the job. Weak girl, innocent girl asking for protection. Nothing else there.
The unicorn on Roger's table. It means absolutely nothing, but it screwed with me cause I thought it did. Could possibly stand for innocence but I doubt it.
Picture of a woman standing next to young boy on Roger's mantel is his mom, but I continually missed that until recently. Shows that he has a family, but never talks to them.
Rogers anger at Dustan's "Lieutenant" comment, Roger hates his past, even if he remembers it.
Soldano calling Dorothy nightingale is a reference to the old Asian fairy tale. This will come into play multiple times throughout the series, so remember to read the fairy tale if you haven't already.
Roger's comment "With what pray tell? It's not like I pack a lunch box full of missiles when I go to work". This is a joke that helps to explain the car full of missiles he carries to work.
Dorothy asking her father to "Stop it", implies that before the series even started she had a traumatic past to some extent. We know that neither Wayneright or Soldano is controlling the "Big Dorothy", so why she is asking her "father" to stop is a mystery.

So what did we learn in Act 1? Norman may have been a criminal, Roger doesn't like unprofessional-ism or talking about the past and Dorothy had a traumatizing past. And all of this could easily have been, and was, missed.

I'll post about Act 2 on wards later. But this should easily give you something to think about.

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