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Author Topic: Big Duo - A Question concerning him ... .  (Read 2168 times)
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« on: November 29, 2010, 02:02:30 AM »

Why is there a lack of flying machines in Paradigm City?
 I mean with their Megadeii technology i bet they could travel light years in space.
 So what is with the lack of flying machines/automatons of anykind?

     is it strange that the
 only citizen of Paradigm City ,        Schwarzwald the Crusader of Truth
       Strangely has the only Thing that can fly in this entire SHOW??!?!?!

 Is this some joke?

      Seriously does this make Schwarzwald the only person who can escape from this virtual world?

    if i was him i would screw everybody else
   screw trying to destroy Paradigm
   let everybody live their pointless lives
    use Big Duo
 try to find some way out of this Virtual Maze
    break some hole in the ceiling just before that
  evil Big Venus comes to fix the hole and
 erase everybodies memories

    and then when i am outside the maze
 use Big duo to destroy the mainframe computer of this Matrix
    * just like in the matrix their is only 1 machine that controls all the others
   if you saw matrix reloaded i think or was it the trinity
 well anyways i am not wise in movies
 but if i recall right Neo had to have a contest with the uber brain machine that thing that was all electric
       to free everybody from the matrix
 in some battle against the original Mr.Smith
            who had the blueprints for the matrix embed in his code
 But unlike the Matrix
           I would just screw the mainframe

 and their wouldn't be armies of dark man hating colonies of evil machines
   out their trying to kill me before i found the
     mainframe and the original A.I. Matrix:)  Cheesy Grin

  So what are you thoughts?


          Help me out .. this community needs better threads ...

 Am I not the Koolest?
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"Megadeuses...Why do they keep coming?"

« Reply #1 on: December 24, 2010, 09:28:14 AM »

I think that the missing of memories prevents a bit from building or repairing machines from the past. And even the dome-shaped city is something that could make unuseful building and using flying machines.
But you may be right: it could be a joke. Paradigm citizens are too linked to the ground...?
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