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Author Topic: Trinity Blood: Robot Priest Shoots Vampires in the Dark  (Read 4134 times)
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« on: August 20, 2010, 05:57:36 PM »

This thread will contain spoilers about certain events in Trinity Blood. Of course, this should go without saying.

Having completed my viewing of this show, I'm now ready to start talking about it-- whether anyone else is or not.

First off, I want to say that I enjoyed this show very much-- barring a few odd episodes that didn't quite deliver as I'd hoped. The ending was my main gripe, as this left an enormous amount of territory unexplored.

I liked this show. Hell, I liked it enough to finish all 24 episodes, and keep talking about it this long after that. Frankly, I have doubts about the influences of Hellsing or Trigun. I have watched both, and was not distinctly reminded of either-- not even in the vampire-hunting aspects, but this is mainly because everyone and their great-aunt depicts vampires this way. It's not even original enough to qualify for an inspiration. The one show I was reminded of was Witch Hunter Robin, although TB offered a fair bit more action and emotion for my time.

Despite my considerable like for this anime, it's got its problems, which will be addressed in due course.

I'm not sure how to go about raising questions for discussion for this, as there's a lot of ground to cover for unanswered mysteries. Nor is my memory of the exact locations of certain pivotal scenes clear enough to point them out for references. But I'll try to list a few basic issues to start off (as I have not read the novels or manga, which may or may not explain these things).

- What the hell is a Crusnik? The only thing that is made clear is that they were created by genetically enhanced humans coming into contact with nanomachines discovered on Mars-- discovered, mind you, and thus not created by humans. I have no idea what these nanites were for or how they got there, nor how they interface with altered humans so well.

- Besides purifying the world with fire or whatever, what was the Rosen Creuz Orden actually trying to accomplish? Did they have any plans for what they would do after the world was destroyed? Was Cain/Contra Mundi supposed to take over the ruins, presumably to preside over the proliferation of some new species of Isaak von Kampfer's making?

- Speaking of which, if he's so important, why does Isaak von Kampfer only come out in two episodes, and get away with using his Arrow of Belial gimmick only one of those times? What was the point of that? Cool character, possibly one of the best, but sorely underused.

- And perhaps the most burning question of all: what on God's green earth was that glowy blue octopoid slithering over the obelisk?

The number of virtually useless characters on this show is also worth noting. Hugue gets one episode basically to himself, but then hardly ever appears again. Tres Iques-- who had enormous potential for win and awesome-- got shortchanged as a bit player who was more of a pest than anything. As for Leon, Wordsworth, Vaclav, Sister Noelle and Sister Kate, all of their useful moments across the entire series put together might just fill 3/4 of an episode, tops.

I could say more, but I now leave that up to you people.
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« Reply #1 on: August 20, 2010, 08:28:26 PM »

I've been meaning to pick up the Blu Ray set. I saw a few episodes of AS when they aired it and it seems ok.

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« Reply #2 on: November 21, 2010, 10:12:05 PM »

I got as far as the Terminator Priest and sort of stopped.

Reading that back I'm getting some mental image of hellsing but with skynet and unfortunately no it wasn't that at all
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